Prane Engineering started to define its products in Coimbatore city located in India on July 1997 based on the strong mission and vision of the Chief Executive Mr. R.Chandrasekar who had Experience of 20 years in various Engineering fields like Design, Process, Reliability and Manufacturing Engineering.

The Company first started out with manufacturing of engineering precision components for various major corporate companies. The company then expanded to Design and manufactures the Ring Spinning machine spare parts like Rear distributor, Lift conversion, Change gear lever assembly and Swing arm assembly etc.

In the year 2K the company concentrated product diversification in the field of electrical engineering considering the business potential. Then company starts manufacturing the Electric motors for sewing machine application with power saving motto of more than 33%. A product to exhibit our relationship with our staffs was also made; this is the Semi automated programmable coil winding machine.

We still hold the top place in the competitive market by enduring the Quality of the product and ensuring the service sector and thus endearing the customer’s satisfaction. Our company product is more efficient in the factors in which it is meant to be. On time delivery and prompt response for the customers is the core of our success.

We also take pride in introducing the India’s ever first Ac drive motor for sewing machine appliance. This suits well for power saving factor and a captivating new design. Our company still expands our ring in name of footprints to various parts of the global market with help of our chief executive and a buddy energetic team of engineers.

We are also highly specialized in the field of Re - engineering, which is the need of the present scenario.
• We satisfy our staffs and so our staffs satisfy our customers.
• We greatly solicit your valuable suggestions/queries.