Our sewing machine motors have got a reputation of being reliable and also for their maintenance free performance under actual. We are manufacturing both single phase as well as three phase motors, Adequate care is taken to see that power consumption is reduced during the running of the sewing machines.

The usage of three phase sewing machine motors instead of single phase motors gives rise to savings between 33% to 50% of power. There are several factors for this reduced consumption of power in three phase motors. The winding in three phase sewing machine motors is of superior standards, which makes them ideally suited for heavy-duty work. We are pioneers of Three Phase Sewing Machine Motors from the year 2000.

The designing of the motors also plays as in important part in reduction of power consumption. Our machines are designed in such a way that power is consumed only during the actual stitching process and when the machine is in idle condition,only nominal power is consumed.

The input of raw materials used also great influence on the power consumed. We use 99% pure copper, which reduces resistance and there is smoother flow of electricity ensuring saving of energy. The silicon percentage in stamping is so maintained to aid the lower consumption of power. the bearings used by us of high quality, double sealed, C3 clearance ball bearings, which come along with pre-packed lubricating ensuring smooth performance of the machines.

All these factors make our sewing machine motors, ideally suitable for working under strenuous conditions, with the minimum of wear and tear.

  • More than 33% saving in electricity consumption
  • Less heat dissipated
  • Low noise level
  • Less wear and tear
  • Rigid cast iron construction
  • Dynamically balanced rotor and flywheel
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely compact & weightless