Our highly competent R&D team of technicians is constantly trying to improve the standard as well as come out pioneering innovations,which will suit the textile industry needs better. This constant has seen us come out with a new modified component,.i.e., Rear distributor for LR G5/1,Ring frame P3 model top arm.

It is simply replaces the exiting rear distributor in the guide arm((Top arm) while allowing for the use of the exiting pins and saddles. Thus small a investment ensures great improvement in the quality of yarn. It also ensures 20 - 25% reduction i yarn imperfections ,classimat faults and marked improvement in your uster value and CSP.

All this new innovations has been yet another feather in our cap. Our commitment to service of the textile industry has seen us making such unique innovations, we hope to continue in the future also.

The basic setting are given below, it will vary according to the count processed.

The same pins and bearing saddles can be used.



Position of

Front Pin

Back Pin








  • Reduces yarn U% by 0.5 to 0.7
  • Reduces yarn imperfections by 30 to 35%
  • Reduces yarn classimat faults by 30%
  • Reduces classimat objectionable faults by 30%
  • Improves yarn CSP by 5%