The coil winding machines are more prominently being used mostly in small scale and medium scale industries. But now they are also been motorized for your needs and our company has taken much effort in innovating them in an affordable way for your satisfaction. This helps in spending your valuable time in other areas. Coil winders fatigue is reduced in a great amount leading to betterment in production rate. 

This isn’t bulkier as the normal ones. It has a long stand that helps to stand on its own legs. It is easily portable to areas of work. We have empowered an energy saving motor that reduces the power consumption for the time it runs. Available in both single phase and three phase. 

·         Quick time processing.

·         Reduces man power.

·         No work man fatigue.

·         Improved productivity.

·         Easy to operate.

·         Maintenance free.

·         Exact coil weight.


The speed of the former is controlled through hand operation.