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This product succeeds the motorized coil winding machine. We have completely altered the mechanism for the betterment of the performance. This setup is completely controlled by drives with digital counters. So frequency of errors is null. The rpm of the former is controlled by a knob from minimal to maximal range. Electromagnetic brakes are installed for exact positioning. Number of rotations and steps are pre programmed and even could be changed according to the need.

This occupies only a less space. It could be mounted even on a table and so compatible. The steps range from 1 to 8. This helps to maintain exact coil weight and accurate weight. Available in both single phase and three phase. 

·         Variable former speed from (100 to 1000) rpm.

·         Accurate reading.

·         Digital counters.

·         Exact copper weight.

·         Less effort and more output.

·         Easily operated.

·         Driven by drives.